Kiwi slangs

Kiwi slang, also known as New Zealand slang, is a unique and colorful aspect of the country’s language. It’s a mix of Maori words, British phrases, and unique colloquialisms that have developed over time. Here are a few examples of Kiwi slang that you might hear when visiting New Zealand:

  1. Sweet as: This phrase is used to describe something that is good or cool. For example, “That party was sweet as!”
  2. Chur: This is a casual way of saying “thank you” or “goodbye.” It’s similar to the American phrase “cheers.”
  3. Stoked: This word means to be excited or enthusiastic about something. For example, “I’m so stoked for the weekend!”
  4. Heaps: This word is used to describe a large amount of something. For example, “I’ve got heaps of work to do today.”
  5. Jandal: A jandal is the Kiwi word for flip-flops, also known as thongs.
  6. Fush and chups: This phrase is used to describe fish and chips, a popular New Zealand food.
  7. Ta: This is a casual way of saying “thank you.”
  8. Kia ora: This is a Maori greeting that translates to “hello” or “good health.”
  9. No worries: This phrase is used to indicate that everything is okay or to reassure someone that there is no problem.
  10. Togs: Togs are swimwear, like bikinis or swim trunks.

These are just a few examples of Kiwi slang, but there are many more unique words and phrases that you may come across while in New Zealand. It’s a fun way to immerse yourself in the local culture and understand the way New Zealanders communicate.